AUR Association currently (as at Dec 2012) has 143 members on the books.. Members chose to join for a year or for life membership. Details of subscriptions are found on the Membership Form. If your name is not listed please send us an email message to rectify the matter.

Needs You Please download and complete this membership form to register
your interest in joining the AUR Association.
Life members are:

Adam BLG Alexander BR Andersons V Atkinson R
Baldwin VG Barnard Brown EH Beckett D Berry HG
Blight LS Byrne PD Capper GL Close DM
Czechowitz G Czechowitz RV Danvers R Forbes AJ
Forbes J Forbes POG Gale AE Hayes ME
Hillier TM Horan A Jelly M Klopf A
Kuusk S Lane LHD Layton RA Lipman RJ
Luxton A Martin R McCoy WT McKellar JR
Meredith I Meredith M Merity JP Millhouse RR
Moore PJ Moore TP Olson JP Pajic BJ
Perks BL Peters DG Reece J Smith N
Spurling GG Twopeny JRN Verco J Vielands A
Ward S Weir MB Williams NA Wilson ABC
Wilson IBC

Members are:
Adam G Adams W Allen R Arthur R
Astley MJ Cameron AS Candow D Chittleborough JD
Clark RSD Cook IB Cooke NJ Czechowitz RT
Daenke J Daly AR Degville L Dobson K
Donovan JG Duggan KP Durkin J Ewens M
Fell MJ Forbes WM Freeman RR Gasteen BH
Gerde E Gwynn Jones AE Hamilton IM Hamilton Smith M
Hanson Tas Heilman K Higgins J James G
Jones S Kenny R Kreig RC Kriven S
Langtry P Laurie GS McCarthy MA
McCarthy MJ Mander Jones J
Matthews D Millhouse C Monfires JS Moore CP
Morris MA Muir BI Murray C Newfield AM
Noel KD Olsson LT Papps D Piper RW
Porter MJ Reynolds P Rice JP Richardson PA
Robertson G Rossi DG Rowe J Rudzki S
Ruff CGM Schmidtke R Schroder R Seaton AJ
Shaw E Sladden JR Smart JJC Snaith P
Stokes JD Sweeney B Sweeney D VanTalbot Price MHC
Van Emden J
Verco CJ Vickery E
Vogt G Vowles RCL Walker D Walsh GD
Wasilena E Wayland EBJ Wesley J Wittle RL
Williams HC Williams RW Wilson LL Zander P

Drop us an email to let us know where you are living and the years you served in AUR.
If you have any pictures of the activities or camps of AUR, please send us a copy.

Full Name: