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Grant and Mrs James - a great drummer with the Pipes and Drums - now OHS representative with 10th/27th RSAR. Note the new banner behind Adrian - thanks to a generous donation from Irena and Mike Meredith.

Grant James and his wife and Adrian horan

Cafe Bravo on Sunday morning for Brunch.

Newly appointed CO 10/27 RSAR rode in on his new fitness Avanti cycle. Brenton Gasteen is a former
member of AUR and we wish him well for his comand
over the next 2 -3 years. Brenton is joined by long time
friends Anne Lonie Johnson and Rob Marlin.


A great AGM and BBQ at the new home of AUR at Hampstead Barracks on 6 September 2009. Can you
spot Patrick Forbes, Skip Clarke, Rob Marlin,
Claire Murray, Paul Langltry and John McKellar in the
picture? Taken outside the modest transportable of
the AUR Officer's Mess.